Sunday, 9 December 2007

Some Examples of Role Play at Gearies

Here are some examples of indoor and outdoor Role Play at Gearies. Ranging from Nursery to Year One.
We keep all our resources in 'themed' boxes in an easy to access area.
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Friday, 7 December 2007

Some ideas for setting up a successful Role Play area

After choosing a scenario for your Role Play area:

· Watch DVDs or Videos relating to the topic so that the children can get some ideas.
· If possible organise a visit to e.g. a hairdresser, garage etc.
· Brainstorm with the children to get their ideas – what did they see in the video/during the visit/prior knowledge?
· Develop the role play area from the children’s ideas because this is what gets them motivated.
· Put up lots of signs labeling things to generate conversation and get the children reading.
· Try to have an adult available to work with the children (depending on the type of role play area).
· Collecting props, finding stories and making labels all goes towards making the role play area a success.
· The learning takes place when children are engaging in self chosen activities.
· Modeling ways to play in the area by the teacher or T.A. also goes towards making this area a success.

This will take time but remember the more time you invest in this the more successful it will be.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Effective Practice:

The following steps aid effective learning and teaching in role-play areas:

Let the children generate the focus/theme for the play

Brainstorm ideas with the children for what might be in the area

If possible, visit an example of the real thing e.g. a garage, book shop

Make the resources out of recycled materials e.g. boxes

Back up the play theme with tasks related to it e.g. write about your visit, design clothes for your shop

Support the learning with adult-modelled play to demonstrate the behaviour you would get in the real world

Carefully introduce related vocabulary, don’t overestimate children’s familiarity with this

Use lots of related props in the role play area

Create lots of Literacy and Numeracy links in the area

Change the provision in response to children’s adaptation of play, be responsive and observant of their play

Use signs and labels as a way of enriching the learning potential within the area